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periscopages 2010

Dimanche, mai 16th, 2010

3 weeks in rennes featuring exhibitions by kaugummi, frédéric coché, joanna hellgren, francois ayroles, and many more !


Get Well Soon

Mardi, avril 13th, 2010

Great report of the Get Well Soon exhibition on BOTY website !


Nieves in Tokyo with Stefan Marx, No.12 Gallery and Utrecht

Vendredi, avril 9th, 2010

Nieves at No.12 Gallery
Please join us for the 2nd Zine Library at No.12 Gallery, featuring a selection of more than 600 Zines from the collections of Taro Hirano and Benjamin Sommerhalder. Enjoy Zines by publishers from around the world while sitting in a chair and sipping tea in a relaxed atmosphere.

Nieves at Utrecht
Come and have a look at an extensive selection of Nieves Books and browse through all of Stefan Marx’ publications by the Lousy Livin Press, Rollo Press and Nieves. The dedicated Stefan Marx exhibition Caribics features dance scene paintings, travel drawings and flags.

Release of the Stefan Marx Travel Zine Box, Zines by Himaa, Takashi Homma, Ari Marcopoulos, and the Nieves Zine Box & Poster 2009


Exposition Collection : Massimiliano Bomba & Thomas Isaia @ Kiosque/Images

Lundi, mars 8th, 2010

Massimiliano Bomba et Thomas Isaia répondent à l’invitation de la revue Collection et exposent leurs travaux à Kiosque/Images.
Vernissage à partir de 18h30 jeudi 18 mars.
105, rue Oberkampf
75011 Paris


my forest

Vendredi, janvier 29th, 2010

Enter the forest. A walk down the path might lead you to the climbing tree. In the swamp you can see a pyramid rise. Stop for a moment and hear the lambs roll around. This forest appears as an abstract landscape of emotions and wonders, not necessarily enchanted or frightening though. The forest is not static, everything is in a constant state of flux – growing, rising, falling, decomposing.
Jenni Rope (b. 1977) is an artist living and working in Helsinki, Finland. She works with drawing, painting, book art and animation. Her work has appeared in various books and exhibitions both in Finland and abroad. She is also the founder of the independent publishing house Napa Books aswell as Napa shop & gallery space in Helsinki.
A ‘mobile’ Napa bookshop will travel with the exhibit.


? doing you are what

Mercredi, novembre 4th, 2009

Ghost Tropic

Vendredi, octobre 30th, 2009

Join us TOMORROW (October 31st) at 6PM
@ Elaine Lévy Project, rue Fourmois 9 - 1050 BXL
***Felicia Atkinson “Ghost Tropic”***
NIne and a Half Weeks launch


guillaumit exhibition

Mardi, octobre 6th, 2009

Guillaumit exhibition at LeZilus - 8 oct. - 20 nov.


the last match

Vendredi, septembre 18th, 2009

Since it had to be a low budget exhibition, we decided to invite at least 200 artists to show you can make something big out of something small.
Every artist designs one piece which will be hung on a match. So there will be 200 matches stuck in a wall and all the artworks hang on it. The whole exhibition can be gathered in 7 matchboxes and therefore will be easy to send around.


Dorothy Iannone

Mardi, juillet 28th, 2009

Dorothy Iannone
Installation View, 2009
Courtesy Anton Kern Gallery, New York